Our curriculum reflects both national and foreign standards.


Our certificate is government approved and recognized.


Our fees is affordable and is usually paid on a termly basis.

Why Choose Us

Cultural Heritage

We nurture our pupils to respect and represent the Nigerian Heritage.


We have a well stocked hard-copy and on-line library, with top ICT teachers.

Vocational Skills

We also train our pupils in areas of skills and vocational arts.


Dynamic Academy By The Number


Satisfied Parents

Performance In External Events


We aim to provide the best education in a supportive and disciplined environment so that Students can discover their full potential and prepare for adult life. The focus of what we achieve in our children is based on our providence of simulating and enjoyable learning environment.

We are diverse, welcoming, accepting and passionate about being the best we can be. Join us to make your academic experience unforgettable.


New Events

Admission Is Ongoing In The Following Clases


We have a fully equipped kiddies faculty, bedrest and kits play mats, mind development toys and experienced care givers and minders. The safety of your ward is guaranteed with our hours security.


This class prepares children physically and mentally ready for Nursery school. This training prepares children in the areas of both physical and creative development.


Our curriculum emphasizes on the core subject of literacy, numeracy, science and ICT. Other core subjects are offered in addition to the core subjects. These subjects are French, Arts, Music, PHE as specified by Nigerian curriculum.


We provide meaningful curriculum, instruction, and assessment that challenges all students and promotes academic success and personal growth. Academic of Dynamic Child International Academy follows the West African Examination Council and NECO for the Secondary school section.